About me

Hello, my name is Konstantin. I'm a Junior Web Developer from LeWagon.
I love science, high tech & any kind of fancy design.
Feel free to ping me if you want to speak with a passionate Webdev ! :D

Some of my skills

Even if I'm still a young developer, I'm doing my best.
I can achieve a good amount of things, some of them are:

  • Write clean code
  • Make lovely websites
  • Monitor & update projects quickly
  • Give a solution for your needs

A Few Accomplishments

javascript 30 project image

My current work

At the moment, I'm growing my javascript skills. Come back in a few days to see some cool stuff.

AQUITI Gestion project image


I helped AQUITI Gestion by coding them a managment tool. Thanks to it, AQUITI can now take care of their entrepreneurs !

My Clean Car project image

My clean car

At the end of my bootcamp @LeWagon Bordeaux, I made a website to help busy people get their car cleaned with a simple booking.